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Lemon Cash

+1.35 million users in just 6 months


Lemon Cash is an Argentinian fintech company with the goal of reaching the world of crypto to everyone, making it easier for anyone to have access and trade there. Some of the brand’s benefits are paying with cryptocurrencies, having an International Prepaid Visa Card (Lemon Card), and its role as the gateway to Web3 for Argentinians.
Some advantages of the brand are:

The Challenge

In October 2021, Lemon had 200,000 users and needed to scale their User Acquisition 5 times, reaching audiences through campaigns on various channels to get them to download and register on the app. To do so, they had to overcome the restrictions of the Crypto Policies that Meta Ads impose on ads for cryptocurrency-related products and services.

How Did We Achieve It?

Lemon’s Acquisition and Comms team worked along with Appgrade to cover all possible media channels through advertising, influencers, and events.

We avoided using terms, iconography, and images that could be banned or penalized by META Ads.

With tracking codes and OneLinks to ensure proper attribution of campaigns and measurement of desired events, we could go deeper on the funnel and create more tailored strategies to the challenge; all this with AppsFlyer.

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